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Rent the car of your dreams for practically nothing.

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How to book a rental car
in Canada


You can make a request through our online consultant or by phone: 620-453-0625.


You coordinate the date and time of rental with the manager.


Pick up the car at any subway station or rental station.


You sign the contract, pay the deposit, and pay the cost of the rental car.

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Driver's license


Age from 22 years

Driving experience more than 2 years

Cost and minimum rental period


Cars are rented out for a day or more. We allow you to delay delivery of a car for 5 hours, in which case we deduct only 10% of the price of the day for each hour of delay. For a delay of more than 5 hours we charge a daily rental fee. Please contact Rentpro in the event of a force majeure.


Canadian rentals start at $40 per day and go up to $120 for premium cars. We accept payment:


The minimum rental period - 1 day, the maximum - unlimited. For those who want to rent a car for a month or more we have a service of long term rental.

The advantages of renting a car with Rentop

About 100 cars with ACCP and air conditioning in our own fleet.

New cars 2016-2021.

Economy, business and premium class cars. Choose a sedan, wagon, crossover, SUV or minivan.

We rent out vehicles after obligatory checkup.

24 hours customer support without days off and holidays.

Popular Questions

What is the estimated hour of payment? From what time are the days counted?

A day counts from the time the car is issued.

We are husband and wife and both have driver's licenses. Is it possible to rent to more than one driver at the same time?

Yes, you can rent to each of the drivers. We will do this for FREE.

Can pets be transported in the car?

Yes, as long as they are not large and in a carrier or cage.

Is there a limit on mileage per day?

There is no limit on non-commercial passenger cars. If you drive in Canada, the limit is 350 km per day; over the limit, you pay $1/km.

If I return the car before the agreed time - will I get a recalculation of the rent?

Yes, as long as you give 24 hours notice.

With how much fuel in the tank should I return the car?

With the same amount of fuel with which you rented the car.